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What better way to ensure a fun hiking trip for your little dog than with a dog carrier backpack? Small dogs have short legs and do have to work harder to keep up with us (and larger dogs). is a great way to get good exercise, but if they get tired—they’ll need to be carried. Larger dogs will not usually have a problem keeping up, not to mention larger dogs are usually less needy. Whether you are going on a full fledged hiking trip, or just a walk in the park; these dog carrying backpacks will make you and little Fido have a better time.

This dog carrying backpack/mini kennel bag is an absolute steal at around 20$. It has all of the desirable features of a good dog carrying pack at an amazingly low price. If you have been looking for an easy way to take your small dog on hikes and not worry too much about having to carry him with your arms, your search is over.

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    Our largest dog carrying backpack.. Made from high quality polyester this roomy pet carrying rucksack is perfect for walks with your...
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    If you do a lot of outdoor exploring and love to bring along your favorite furry companion, this Dog Carrying Backpack is the perfect way to let Fido join you on your next journey.

    Many dogs feel unfulfilled because they do not have "jobs." A dog carrying a backpack is challenged physically and mentally, which will help keep her balanced and calm both at home and on the walk. What makes Cesar Millan's Dog Backpack different is the design. Most dog backpacks place too much weight over a dog's lower back, forcing the spine to curve. Cesar Millan's Dog Backpack is designed for the weight to be closer to the dog's shoulders, where they are the strongest.