The is a 44 liter British designed carry on backpack.

AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack, Red


The is a 44 liter British designed carry on backpack.

I do, however, have some problems with certain aspects of carry on backpack designs. Now remember, I’m a nitpicky bastard that can never be satisfied, but dammit, it’s because I’m right. But keep in mind these are issues worth thinking about, rather than deal-breaking problems.

You’ll notice that these packs generally have a number of features in common, some of which I mentioned as necessities, and some of which are easier to see once you line them all up in a row. These are the features of a good carry on backpack ideally suited for travel:

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  • How to Choose a Carry On Backpack – Tortuga

    Great reviews. I’m in the same boat with trying to find a new carry on size backpack. I have the same issue with the tortuga being too small for me. I have had a look at the Farpoint 40 and loved all its features, except the material on the side panels. I thought the material felt too flimsy and that it could rip or be cut far too easily. Do you find this Erin or anything similar regarding the material?

    It requires a shift in mindset that some people will embrace and others will shun. Yet combined with travel clothes and a little laundry then any small backpack can be used as your carry on backpack.